Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Linux kernel logo patch

Are you an advanced Linux sys admin? Or maybe an expert sys engineer?
Well, when the time for a custom kernel build arrives don't you ever ask yourself "Hey! What if I could have more logo options to choose from for the new kernel I'm about to build?" I mean, the stock Tux logos are OK, but come on, we could have our own mighty and powerful custom logo during the kernel initial boot stage! =)

Then comes the answer for that question and it just reminds you that there's the (even remote) possibility in which you don't like to code and/or don't know where (and/or how) to code the things you wanna change or, worse, you have no idea of how to code them! You just want them to be there! 

Well, I decided to add my own custom logo. In fact, I decided to add a lot of different logos. The easiest way is to simply locate (inside the source tree) the file that Linux expects as the logo and replace it by your desired new one. I don't think you should follow this path because renaming things is not an elegant way to accomplish goals. :-/

Well, all you need to code is a beer (or wine, depends on you =] ), some good old fashion rock and roll and, in my case, multiple terminals with vim, gdb and so forth, as I'm old schooled ;-P.

So, here's what I decided to do:
I changed the Linux source files that deal with the logo, then I converted the desired images to the right format and added them (and their proper structures) to those files. Then I finally named all the new entries for the configuration menu. Simple like that! =)

In fact, the result is a simple patch file that, when applied to the kernel source tree (tested with 3.x+), it just adds a set of more images to pick from the list found in the kernel graphics configuration menu.

And here is the link to the patch, for those interested on testing and playing with it :)

Here's the link to the patch file.
I hope you enjoy it and send your opinion :-)

Note: links are currently broken. I'm switching to another file repository.
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